You Found COPIANA Because You’re Ready to “Grow” a Whole New Way!

So Let’s Get Right Down to Business.

You’re probably wondering,  Does a Copiana Farm live up to the hype?

  • Will Copiana actually improve my property value… this easily?
  • Will my tenants, clients, and customers actually respond?
  • Will this system really generate a competitive advantage?

Short answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes.

COPIANA isn’t just New Groundbreaking Technology that makes farming realistic for any business… it’s also a brilliant new service model, that makes it feasible.

Just 3 Steps to Success:

1.Call us up or Message us today!

We’ll send a consultant to your location, address your key goals, and tailor a farm system to your exact specs and needs. (Plus, we’d love to hear from you.)

2.Get Ready to Easily Differentiate, Add Value, and Create a Real Sense of Community!

We’re about to give you the finest food-producing , attention-grabbing, life-improving tech. We’ll come by and set up everything.And I mean everything. (Now’s a good time to crack open that bottle you’ve been saving.)

3.Enjoy the Benefits, Perpetually! 

We maintain your system, completely. That goes for any upkeep, planting, harvesting, maintenance, crop selection, and anything else you want done. You can choose how much you want to be involved, without the obligations. (Whew… You've got plenty to do already anyway…)


Sounds Great! – But why for my business? 
Whether you’re running a Fortune 500, or a lemonade stand…

You know the value of Good PR, a Unique Solution, Natural Beauty, and Standing Apart from the Crowd!
Not to mention that…

Leasing our system gives you the results… Without another gigantic capital investment!
But there’s more to it… that’s what makes the system really tick.

Let’s talk lifestyle

Commercial Businesses

Even the largest corporate offices benefit from a natural touch. Companies that actively take steps to boost employee and client well-being are showing a competitive edge. The Well Building Standard™ is leading this drive.


Learning to thrive in a world of modern challenges is usually a lesson learned outside the classroom… unless. Colleges can now develop food-production programs that bring high-grade nutrition to active minds.


Healthy food, with the highest-possible nutrient density is a no-brainer for hospital cafeterias. Not only do patients and staff get fresh food, but they also get a refreshing breather as they explore the garden.


Large or small, congregations come together to receive the bounty, without taking time from their busy lives. Towers provide produce that fuels your church’s events, and offers the community even more sustenance.


Savvy property managers know that offering the right perks attracts the right kind of tenants. Transform your bland courtyards into food-production powerhouses, and provide real value for you and your tenants. Not to mention that building “a sense of community” helps you retain great tenants.


Get the finest produce available, on site. By making it simple to get freshly harvested flavors and an eye-catching show-piece, it’s like we’ve brought the magic of the farm right to your restaurant. Get truly fresh and local produce, and make a visual splash too.


Think of the possibilities! Businesses of all stripes benefit from local food production. You choose the size of your garden… anything from one tower, to a large urban farm that feeds the masses, easily!

Build Your Community…  And taste the sweet, sweet results!


Smart companies know… you can’t always keep your nose to the grindstone.

In fact, An all-work-no-play environment is one of the surest ways to annihilate your employees' morale (not to mention that you’ll just be “the same old thing” ... who needs that?)

In today’s era, smart businesses know their place. They’re leaders in the community, and they use their resources to improve human well-being. You need to provide great experiences, exceptional atmosphere, and honest value to really grow ‘roots’ in your community.

That’s what local-food gardening is all about. – And “surprise, surprise” it boosts retention rates, employee well-being, and profits…

This System is Actually Different! –  It (finally) makes it Realistic!

Vertical Farms – Bringing Local Produce to New Heights!

  • Use 10% of the Space! – You don’t need land anymore. Copiana Farms adapt to any space, and guarantee that you make the most of it!
  • Save 90% of the Water! – Yes. Really. It’s a revolutionary technology that effortlessly grows even the juiciest of veggies, using almost no water.
  • Grow Indoors or Outdoors! – Our clients are always happy when their patios, verandas, rooftops, lobbies and even their warehouses explode with color and fragrance.
  • Effectively Supply Produce, for Everyone! – Our farms revolutionize “food desert” elimination efforts. Grow abundant food, even in inner-cities and rural areas.
  • Gives you a Financial Edge! – Restaurateurs and Property Owners love it… We’ve made it possible to create your own supply, and differentiate your property with a truly unique solution. Even a small space turns into a profit-generating food powerhouse.
  • Create Your Own Farmers Market! – THIS. IS. AMAZING!!! We hear that over and over from clients excited about the response their farmers market is getting from tenants and clients. They know where their produce is coming from, and where it’s going to. Those veggies came off the vine minutes ago, and you can taste it.

The Wheel of the Seasons  Never Slows Us Down!

Nope.We mitigate all of nature’s seasonal challenges, for you. Come winter, we move outdoor gardens when necessary. Your system goes to work inside if possible, making your property lush all-year… or gets nestled safely into storage until next spring and receive produce from our greenhouses all winter.


You just lease from us, and avoid a capital investment! A taste of progress, even less overhead.

We’ve streamlined everything to make sure that this timely and poignant technology is within reach of any business that wants to change the world. Making it possible is what we do!


You’ll be doing your part to help the world at large!

Copiana provides farms specifically for food desert mitigation. We have partnerships throughout Metropolitan Atlanta and all the food grown is donated!

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