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Rainbow Swiss Chard

Beta vulgaris


Swiss Chard is a green leafy vegetable. In the cultivars of the Flavescens Group, the leaf stalks are large and often prepared separately from the leaf blade. The leaf blade can be green or reddish; the leaf stalks are usually white or a colorful yellow or red.

Like other green leafy vegetables, Chard has highly nutritious leaves, making it a popular component of healthy diets. 


Culinary Uses

Fresh Chard can be used raw in salads, stirfries, soups, or omelets. In addition, the raw leaves can be used as a tortilla wrap. Chard leaves and stalks are typically boiled or sautéed; the bitterness fades with cooking.


Note: Produce at harvests will vary based on season; please sign up for our newsletter to learn what’s growing each month.

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