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What is a Copiana Harvest, and How Does it Work?

Watch your community come together to enjoy the benefits of a farm on your property. Your tenants get to watch their produce grow all month long and eventually get to pick it up at the harvest!

Our produce is so packed with nutrients that customers say it’s the most delicious they’ve ever tasted. That, and the experience, is why people keep coming back!

What does a Copiana Harvest entail?

On the day of the Harvest, our events and farm teams harvest the produce off your towers, set up the harvest table in a central area, and pass out produce to your tenants.

How Many Harvests Will Copiana Host For My Property?

Copiana will host roughly 12 harvest events per year. Once we’ve installed vertical farm towers on your property, the growth cycle begins.

Our team will coordinate a harvest date and time with you and send you a personalized flyer to notify tenants. Once the date is set, The Copiana Events Team takes it from there!

Extra, Extra! Read About Our Add-On Events

Our team is always going above and beyond to ensure that your tenants have a great experience. We are continually adding events like coat drives, seasonal drink offerings, educational events, and so much more!

Copiana Offers Four Additional Events To Contract Holders Per Year!

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Donate Your Produce!

Our Team partners with The YMCA of East Lake and the City of Refuge to provide fresh produce to those in need. Join the movement and donate one of your harvests to a great cause!

Copiana is working to help solve neighborhood disparities in access to healthy food because everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy produce.