Friends of Copiana,
We are sad to announce that we’re shutting down operations starting today (Monday, December 20th).

We primarily farm in office, and commercial spaces, as many of you know. But, many office buildings and commercial spaces remain empty after two years due to COVID-19. So, we decided it was best for the business to press pause. We hope to farm again when the world is ready for our big, bright idea.

Thank you for your endless support. Serving you fresh, vertically grown produce has been a joy for the past three years. I picture every smiling face at a harvest and remember the community we served; that was our driving force.

As we clean everything and put it away in storage, I know this isn’t the final time we stack a farm or plant a seedling. The world hasn’t seen the last of us, so stay tuned and be well.

Erin McCutcheon
CEO, Copiana