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Copiana and WELL

Copiana’s Vertical Farms are uniquely eligible to meet various points and preconditions for your property’s WELL certification. If you’re interested in learning about claiming these points or in getting a farm on your property, contact us below to request more info.


WELL preconditions that Copiana may be able to help your property meet:

Mind | Access to Nature

Support occupant well-being by incorporating the natural environment through interior and exterior design.

Nourishment | Fruits and Vegetables

Promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables by making fruits and vegetables easily accessible.

Copiana and WELL Webinar

Copiana recently hosted a webinar outlining our partnership with the WELL Institute and how clients can claim points for their farm towers in the most challenging category: Nourishment.

Check out the
full webinar


WELL points Copiana might be eligible for:

Support access to spaces that promote restoration and relief from mental fatigue or stress.

1 point

Support access to nature beyond M02: Access to Nature by further incorporating nature through interior and exterior design, nature views and access to nearby nature.

1 point

Encourage the selection and consumption of healthier food choices through strategic placement and advertising.

2 points

Improve dietary habits and eating behaviors and increase nutritional knowledge.

1 point

Encourage mindful eating behaviors and communal dining opportunities.

2 points

Improve access to fresh produce and provide opportunities for on-site food production.

2 points

Support healthy food access and reduce environmental barriers to healthy eating.

1 point


Portrait of Candice Clay

Partnering with Copiana was a no-brainer. It was less space, less water. We are a forward-thinking company, so this made total sense at the end of the day. And it kinda goes back to our purpose here, at Rangewater, which is creating those exceptional experiences.

Candice Clay Regional Director RangeWater Real Estate

Portrait of Tashe Woods

My favorite thing about Copiana is, hands-down, the team. From the harvesters, the operations, the greenhouse. They’ve been phenomenal on a personal level, a professional level, handling our customers without the aid of our property teams. They are constantly coming up with new ideas, new events, new ways to make our property teams look like rockstars to our tenets. It’s been awesome to work with them, and I call them all friends.

Tashe Woods Community Engagement Manager Cousins Properties

Portrait of Akiya Simms

Whether it be a phone call, notification, email, throughout the day we are receiving those stressor messages. I’m a firm believer that nutrition gives our body what we need from a micro level to repair. So we need more access to high-quality nutrition and Copiana solves that problem for us.

Akiya Simms Sustainability Officer: Resilience Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Portrait of Emily Baker

With Copiana, they’re addressing lack of produce in urban areas, a way to use less water, a way to grow produce in less space. And I think it just really melds with the tenet environment that we have. And I also think it adds to our lifestyle going home. It’s about trying to make your experience while you’re at work better.

Emily Baker Assistant Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield

Please get in touch

If you’re interested in installing a farm on your commercial property or in learning about claiming WELL points with Copiana.