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How Senior Living Facilities Benefit From Biophilic Design

Vickery Rose is not your average retirement home. The Roswell-based community provides residents with a resort lifestyle, complete with turn-key service, fine dining, and a full calendar of activities. But what really sets Vickery Rose apart is its attention to biophilic design and its Copiana farm


The Commercial Property Guide to Vertical Farming

One of the most requested tenant amenities these days is green space. No matter the kind of commercial property you manage, tenants and clients expect a holistic experience from the places they live, work, and play. City farming gives urban residents and tenants access to hyper-local fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the vine. Beyond … Continued


Why Your Property Should Be Hyper-Focused on Hyper-Localism

If we’ve learned anything from COVID-19, it’s that you can’t rely on fast shipping, especially when it comes to food products. Food shortages were not something many people thought possible for America-until they began happening all over the country. The problem? Our dependence on foreign imports and lack of support for small-scale, domestic farmers. Global … Continued

Bring a Farm to Your Property

Bring NASA'S farming technology to your community with seamless harvest events, expert maintenance, and nutrient-rich foods.


Five Advantages of WELL Certification for Your Commercial Property

What is WELL Building Certification? The WELL Building Standard acts as a set of guideposts for creating and certifying spaces that support physical and mental health through design, operations, and company policy. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) takes a people-first approach to buildings and organizations, in order to improve health in the places where … Continued


Vertical Farming is the Next Step for Grocery Stores

Imagine walking into the produce section of your local grocery store and picking fresh greens and herbs off growing plants. This amenity is a reality for a few intrepid grocers who have chosen to partner with vertical farms to improve their customer engagement and get shoppers back in-store. The Coronavirus pandemic has revolutionized how we … Continued


Ways to Use Your Copiana Harvest

Perhaps the biggest perk of partnering with Copiana is the monthly harvest of your farm. Watching your greens and herbs mature in their towers and then being able to taste how nutrient-rich and fresh they are just off the plant. In abundant harvests though, you may be stumped on how to use all these fresh … Continued


4 Copiana Events To Consider For Your Property’s Farm Harvest

There is such variety and bounty in fall produce—no wonder it’s our favorite time of year here at Copiana. In fall especially, the harvest is sure to be the most exciting event on your property. Fresh, nutritious, just-picked produce is available on-site at no cost to your tenants and with no upfront capital investment! One … Continued


6 Recipes to Celebrate Fall’s Fresh Harvest

September is the perfect time to get your fall garden going. Fall is one of our favorite harvests here at Copiana-there are so many delicious and versatile vegetables that thrive in fall weather. Your garden is rarely as happy as it is in September and October, so you need to be prepared for all the … Continued


The New Food Supply Chain

The above is probably a statement we associate with parents scolding young children, but can we speak any differently about the food we buy at the grocery store? Where is that avocado from, or that bag of spinach? That bunch of bananas? What did it go through to get to your kitchen? If it’s part … Continued