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Goodbye for Now

Friends of Copiana,We are sad to announce that we’re shutting down operations starting today (Monday, December 20th). We primarily farm in office, and commercial spaces, as many of you know. But, many office buildings and commercial spaces remain empty after two years due to COVID-19. So, we decided it was best for the business to … Continued

What Is Green Leasing? Inside This Commercial Real Estate Trend

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in the corporate world towards sustainable practices. Large corporations and small businesses alike are re-evaluating every aspect of their business to operate in a way that is more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Welcome to Copiana

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that vertical farms have been installed where you live, work, or shop!  If your property management team has installed Copiana’s Vertical Farms on your property, it’s probably a part of your wellness program. These vertical farms will grow edible produce and be harvested every month for you … Continued

Why Your Property Should Be Hyper-Focused on Hyper-Localism

If we’ve learned anything from COVID-19, it’s that you can’t rely on fast shipping, especially when it comes to food products. Food shortages were not something many people thought possible for America-until they began happening all over the country. The problem? Our dependence on foreign imports and lack of support for small-scale, domestic farmers. Global … Continued

What You Need to Know About Vertical Farming: A Q&A with Greenhouse Manager Jeffrey Arner

Have you ever taken a look at a Copiana farm tower and wondered how it works? The Copiana team recently sat down with Head Greenhouse Manager, Jeffrey Arner, to discuss what aeroponic farming is and what it takes to grow plants in the air.  What is aeroponic farming?  Aeroponics is a type of system that … Continued

Unique Commercial Amenities

Just when it seems Atlanta can’t get any bigger…it does. New businesses, new rental properties, new restaurants, and constant events–with everything vying for your customers’ and clients’ attention, how will your property stand out? Copiana can help. What is Copiana? So glad you asked. Copiana is here to make farming realistic for any business, without … Continued